Post-NSS thoughts

by Cinda Baxter on May 20, 2011

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As an annual event, the National Stationery Show often serves as a bellweather for the entire paper industry moving forward. This year was no exception, as I came away with several thoughts and impressions—many of which bode well for the industry as a whole, provided folks heard those chimes ringing loud and clear. [click here to continue…]


Seth Godin to appear at NSS

by Cinda Baxter on March 16, 2011

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If you read my blog, hear me speak at an event, or know me even a little bit, you’re aware I’m a Seth Godin fan. The guy is just plain smart. An out-of-the-box marketing guru. The guy at the top of my “must see” short list.

And our paths are about to cross.

Seth is the keynote speaker at this year’s “Future Conference,” held on opening day of the National Stationery Show in New York. Last year’s event featuring Paco Underhill was such a success that the fine folks at George Little Management decided to keep feeding juice into the concept, this time opening the doors to all badged attendees, as well as moving the conference to Sunday so more of them could attend (last year’s Saturday event was problematic for those of us who booked air and hotels months in advance, to arrive later that day).

Also different? This time, you need to buy a ticket. Seth ain’t cheap, but he’s worth it. Tickets are $75 per person, available through the NSS website. Heads up, though—you must be a badged, registered show attendee to get ‘em.

I’ll be there with bells on. How about you?


NSS wrap up

by Cinda Baxter on May 20, 2009

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nss_2009_logoWell the National Stationery Show’s done and the load out underway. From all accounts, it was a rousing success. Here are a few notes from my stroll down the aisles: [click here to continue…]


twitterThis really has been a week of reminders, hasn’t it…? Hmm. There’s a first for everything.

But this is the last reminder. Seriously. I need to get packed and on a plane, after all.

To attendees of the National Stationery Show, I’ll be Twittering from the aisles (@cindabaxter). Be sure to bring along your wireless device to get in on my tweets spotlighting items and booths of note, complete with booth numbers-—no vendor names, since we want to give a leg up to those hearty souls who actually made the trip. [click here to continue…]


3-50-project-logo_500px2Since this is the week of reminders, don’t forget that the first official seminar about The 3/50 Project is happening next Monday. Whether you’re new to the movement or an early adopter, I hope you’ll come to learn about where the Project stands now, and what other independent businesses have done to promote it with successful results.

Date: Monday, May 18, 2009, during the National Stationery Show
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Room 1C02/03 (lower level)
Admission: Free, but must have a show badge or be a credentialed member of the press
Registration: Required (click here to sign up)

See you there!

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RS:Live! conference call for NSS

by Cinda Baxter on May 11, 2009

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rs_box1Just a reminder, all you fine RetailSpeaks folks planning to attend the National Stationery Show this weekend. Join us for tonight’s RS:Live! conference call where we’ll swap info, share notes, and form a plan of attack for our time at the Javits.

Time: 7:00 E / 6:00 C / 5:00 M / 4:00 P
Duration: One hour…or longer if needed
Call in number: Will be sent via our email service
Admission: Must be a current member of RetailSpeaks

Attendees are asked to be in front of a computer if possible, making it easier to look up vendor sites, and peruse the Exhibitor listings on nationalstationeyshow.com.

RS:Live! conference calls are offered exclusively to members of RetailSpeaks. For more information or to apply for membership, visit RetailSpeaks.com.


Live from the show floor

by Cinda Baxter on May 9, 2009

in NSS

twitterPlanning to attend NSS? Want to know where the treasures are? No sweat.

I’ll be Twittering from the show floor as I walk the booths at the Javitz; all you need to listen in is a free Twitter account and a cell phone. With those, you’ll be able to receive short bursts of info, live from the aisles, with my honest opinion about what I’m seeing…good, bad, and hmmm.

Twitter messages are only 140 characters long, max, so this is easily manageable. Every so often, your phone will beep to tell you there’s a text message. You look…and…voila! “Great recycled note cards by Perfect Papers…fresh colors…good show special. Booth 1354” pops up. Eeeeeasy as pie. All you have to do is read five seconds’ worth of text…then bolt to grab the goodies. [click here to continue…]


nss_2009_logoIt’s not uncommon to find a sky high stack of messages demanding attention in my inbox since email access has sporadic during my stay in Hong Kong. Today’s 300+ messages squealing “Read me! Read me!” came as no great surprise; three particular vendor emails, however, did (surprise me, that is–not literally squeal). They each asked if I would please promote specials being offered this spring-—something I routinely do in Shopping List posts.

What makes these three vendors unique is that none of them intend to exhibit at the upcoming National Stationery Show. Instead, they’ve asked if I would post their specials to offset their absence in May.

My response? Um…no. [click here to continue…]

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