Ever have one of those days when you wish you had all the answers…or knew someone who did?

Sure. We all have. But rest assured…you aren’t alone out there.

RetailSpeaks is a private, territory-protected forum for brick and mortar retailers, providing a safe place to talk openly about the things that matter most—locating products, dealing with employees and customers, discussing vendor issues, and getting the inside scoop on the things that impact their businesses.

We’re completely autonomous. No advertisers. No sponsors. No bias. No kidding.

We have, however, been endorsed by some pretty important folks, including The National Stationery Show, Giftware News, Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine, The Thymes, The Chicago Gift Mart, Fox Premier Sales, OneCoast, and Gifts Wholesale.

Imagine the positive impact joining will have on your bottom line and on your day-to-day sanity. We think you’ll agree, the possibilities are endless.

Member Benefits

Connecting with your peers in an environment that’s private and territory-protected isn’t the only perk; we’re constantly looking for ways to enrich the membership experience. Here are just a few of the things you’ll have access to:

RetailSpeaks email
A password-protected system that connects members in the easiest, most user-friendly format possible

Member-only conference calls–some featuring knowledgable experts discussing timely business topics…some that are open-ended conversations so members can talk about what’s on their minds at the moment

Pre-market mega-sessions
Held prior to Atlanta Gift, the New York International Gift Fair, and the National Stationery Show so members can compare notes and pool information

RS:Face to face
Members-only gatherings at major shows

RetailSpeaks Member logo
For use in email signatures, on websites, and on purchase orders, the RSM logo tells vendors and customers you’re “in the know”

RetailSpeaks archives
Two online databases containing prior wisdom shared by RS members since the group’s inception

The RetailSpeaks Users Guide
Step-by-step directions for accessing the email system and archives

RetailSpeaks Newsletter
Includes industry news and articles focused on topics that matter to brick and mortar retailers

What does it cost?

Memberships are $60.00 per year, payable by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card.

How do I join?

Easy! Visit, then click on “Apply for Membership.”

Why should I join?

* Because you’re tired of flying solo.
* Because “You’re the only store who has this problem” makes you crazy.
* Because you like what you do…and want to do it better.
* Because you can’t possibly see every vendor at every show all by yourself.
* Because you’d like suggestions on employee issues.
* Because you’d like suggestions on customer issues.
* Because you’d like suggestions on landlord issues.
* Because you need to know which vendors are the best partners to have.
* Because sometimes you need help locating hard-to-find items.
* Because sometimes you need help locating the best credit options.
* Because big boxes are nibbling away at independents, and you don’t want to be dessert.
* Because national chains like Hallmark are doing this, and you need to stay a step ahead.
* Because there’s no reason not to.

Where can I learn more about RetailSpeaks?

Just visit the FAQ page at Trust me…you’ll be glad you did.