The last couple of posts (here and here) focused on the negative impact EdgeRank has on Facebook page posts, essentially whittling their recipient audience to a paltry 6% (for most) to 12% (the lucky ones). The suggestions offered had to be undertaken by fans, leaving page admins feeling pretty helpless.

So…time to focus on what those of us “behind the curtain” can do, in hopes of turning at least a little of the tide back our way.

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Okay. So yesterday’s suggestion about re-acquiring missing page posts wasn’t enough. Fans quickly found that (a) they were already set to receive posts, and (b) still weren’t seeing any.

Today’s suggestion should work (or at least greatly increase what you see, albeit with a little more effort than usual).

This must be done by the fan—there’s nothing a page admin can do, other than share this blog post if they like, since that qualifies as a “legal” call to action in Facebook Land (as shared third party content).

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Editor’s Note: Be sure to check out a newer post that includes solutions for both fans and page admins by clicking here.

Isn’t Facebook supposed to be the magical tool that levels the playing field for small business, non-profits, and grass roots movements? Once upon a time, maybe…but not so much now.

Last week, an interesting (and by “interesting” I mean “stunning“) tidbit began appearing at the bottom of status updates posted by page admins, visible only to them—the number of people each post reached, accompanied by the percentage of their total fan base it represented.

The number shown doesn’t represent the number of your fans online at the moment; it’s the abysmally small number Facebook bothered to publish in newsfeeds.

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Timeline deadline is no joke

by Cinda Baxter on March 23, 2012

in Facebook

Since I’ve been contacted by a slew of retailers asking if Timeline is really going to be mandatory on their business pages, thought it wise to echo my response here:


And it’s going to happen, whether you help it along or not.

If you haven’t switched your business pages over by next Friday, March 30, Facebook is going to do it for you. What you’ll see, in that scenario, is a big blank space at the top of your page, and a profile pic that’s been cropped down to a square (translated, if your current profile pic is anything other than a square, or is too large a square, it’s going to be sliced down and will look awful).   [click here to continue…]


Weird Facebook ad? Alert? Scam?

by Cinda Baxter on February 27, 2012

in Facebook, internet, Real World

Anyone seeing this on their Facebook pages? A couple of people have emailed to ask me if I know whether or not it’s legit, but to be completely honest, I don’t have a clue. I’m not seeing it.

Who knows what this is about?

(Definitive answers only, please—we don’t want to send someone down the wrong path if it turns out to be fraudulent.)


There’s something about holidays and The 3/50 Project.

On New Year’s Day, we welcomed the 30,000th fan to our Facebook page. Yesterday morning, Dan Marx, a top drawer line rep in the floral and gift industry (and über-supporter of our cause) posted a comment: “Hey Cinda—you’re closing in on 60,000 fans. I can definitely see fireworks going off on the 4th!!!”

Sorry to disappoint, Dan. We actually hit it a day early ,on the 3rd. (grin)

Thanks to everyone who continues to share the message of The 3/50 Project, reminding us all to keep those special, locally owned, independent brick and mortars businesses in our day-to-day lives. Without you, everyone loses out.

Here’s to an especially sweet Independence Independents Weekend!