Time for merchants to list Three (plus) Things

by Cinda Baxter on December 14, 2011

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Twenty years ago, I began an important exercise. When life gets tough enough to keep me awake at night, I pull out  a journal, then jot three things from the day that were positive, just before turning out the light. Simplistic, yes, but with time, it actually does make a difference. I refer to it as my Three Things.

In the past, there were lists that required serious effort (the Cheerios stayed crunchy until the last bite). Eventually, Three Things became a running stream of positives—I trained myself to see upbeat moments during the day instead of letting them race by unnoticed.

As a result, it’s been a long, long time since Cheerios were a high point (she says, with gratitude).

How does this translate for merchants this holiday season?  [click here to continue…]

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Keep the Cheer Here banner in action

by Cinda Baxter on December 1, 2011

in Holidays, Marketing, The 3/50 Project

Thanks to John Ranes (owner, The Frame Workshop, Appleton WI) for sending in his photo of The 3/50 Project’s Keep the Cheer Here banner, hanging proudly in front of his store. Gotta love it!

To download the banner file for use in your town, visit the Resources page of the Project website. In addition to the banner, there are loads of other marketing materials to promote Keep the Cheer Here, so knock yourselves out.  From postcards to posters to blog slugs, we’ve got it all.

Have fun!


Photo used with permission.


As most of you know, The 3/50 Project’s “Keep the Cheer Here” holiday campaign got its name from a contest we ran a few weeks ago. Our winner, Julie Ward (Pasadena, CA) gave us the words; all I had to do was add the look and feel. Thanks to her, we have a home run on our hands.

In addition to a $350 gift card, the grand prize included a profile piece here on the blog, linked to Twitter, then Facebook. So…it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Julie Ward, the author of our now famous holiday moniker: [click here to continue…]


“Independents Day” (spelling intentional) has been used a lot to promote the little guy:

[click here to continue…]


Once again, the creative juices have been flowing…which means The 3/50 Project just launched another campaign, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It’s called “We Love You More,” reminding consumers that locally owned, independent brick and mortar businesses return (on average) 68% of their revenue to the community, as opposed to a paltry 43% from the big boxes and chains or (gasp!) nothing at all, from online purchases.*

To get the word out, there are two free downloadable PDF files on our website: [click here to continue…]


Did you spend at least $50 this month with three locally owned businesses while shopping for the holidays? Great! Now…how ‘bout we give you a $350 gift card as thanks for doing the right thing?

We’re into the final days of our “Small Boxes Big Rewards” contest, giving away ten (count ‘em, ten!) $350 American Express gift cards.

Pick 3, spend 50, get $350. How much better does it get than that?

Here’s the skinny: [click here to continue…]

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Note: State sales tax is typically not paid unless the e-tailer has a physical presence in your state. In those cases, they’re supposed to pay sales tax, but don’t always do so. City sales tax follows the same pattern, but is even less predictable or reliable.


Click image above to enter the contest

You’ve heard The 3/50 Project chant: “Pick 3, spend 50.“ You’ve heard of Small Business Saturday, the AmEx initiative that created a day for independent brick and mortar businesses. Well, how about this:

Pick 3. Spend 50. Win 350.

Yeah. That’s right. Ten lucky folks will each win a $350 American Express gift card just for doing the right thing. [click here to continue…]