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Yet again, TwitMe is broken. Great.

by Cinda Baxter on December 15, 2010

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I’ve had it. As someone with real time constraints to contend with, I rely heavily on WordPress plugins to relay my blog posts to the rest of the social media world, especially to Twitter, who made some changes to how they handle API calls a couple of months ago (sorry if I just techno-leaped over a couple of heads there with the geek speak).

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about Small Business Saturday–the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we collectively pushed to remind consumers to shop with local, independent brick and mortar merchants. Well, the push was wildly successful; I’m still hearing buzz about it on the streets, even from those who don’t know I had a connection to the event.

The associated online social buzz was terrific for growing the SBS Facebook page, but…by promoting SBS so heavily on The 3/50 Project’s FB page, we (read: I) inspired a lot of FB users to fire up their friends about Small Business Saturday…but not about The 3/50 Project.


My bad for not figuring that thing out until after the fact.

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Okay Facebook users. It’s time we start a little online wave. You know…kind of like we used to do in high school or college, but this time, no one has to stand up and put their arms in the air (or yell, but hey, if you’re so inclined…). [click here to continue…]


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