It’s 3/50 Friday!

by Cinda Baxter on November 27, 2009

in Economy, The 3/50 Project

While The 3/50 Project applies all year long, today is special–today is the day business owners hope to see crowds and cash, both of which have been in short supply the past couple of years. Today is Black Friday 3/50 Friday.

Among the crush of national chains opening at 4:00 a.m. and parking lots packed with crazed, coupon carrying shoppers, there are thousands of terrific smaller businesses, providing unique gifts and treats–many with just as appealing prices and considerably better service. To them, you aren’t just a means to an end as they reach for illusive profits; to them, you’re someone with a name, a story, and a part of the community they’ve helped build. To them, you’re a person.

So take a moment and ask yourself: Which three businesses would you miss if they were gone? Stop in today and tell them thanks for doing all they do…for providing what you want and need…for smiling with sincere appreciation when you walk in the door…for providing you an alternative to cold big box stores…and for putting so much back into your community.

And hey–as long as you’re there, pick up a little something. Buy boxed holiday cards at the corner stationery store. Stroll down the sidewalk to the neighborhood coffee shop and grab a cup. Pick out your Christmas tree at a locally owned garden center. Tired of turkey? Snag a bite for dinner at a local cafe.

It’s the only way to assure they’ll still be here next Thanksgiving week, after all.

Happy 3/50 Friday!

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