Welcome to 3/50 Friday (#350proj #fb #in)

by Cinda Baxter on November 23, 2009

in The 3/50 Project

Forget all that big box mumbo jumbo the day after Thanksgiving (who really likes being in those crowds, anyway?). This year, I say we rename the day that follows turkey and mashed potatoes.

I say we call it 3/50 Friday, in celebration of The 3/50 Project. It will be the day we each vow to stop into at least one independent, locally owned brick and mortar to say thanks….

Thanks for smiling and greeting me by name.

Thanks for remembering that I love peonies and detest carnations.

Thanks for asking how my mother is doing, then being sincerely happy when I say she’s well.

Thanks for restocking my favorite candle even though it’s that crazy lime green color.

Thanks for helping me locate the perfect gift for the boss I barely know.

Thanks for laughing when I need a lift and for listening when I need to let down.

Thanks for noticing when I’ve changed my haircut.

Thanks for not noticing when I dashed over in wrinkled sweats for a last minute present.

Thanks for donating to my kids’ fundraiser, and thanks for putting their poster in your window.

Thanks for rushing my order, and thanks for not guilt tripping me about it.

Thanks for staying an extra fifteen minutes the day I got stuck in traffic.

Thanks for that extra cup of coffee, then saying it’s on the house.

Thanks for carrying the financial burdens you do, all to provide a place for me to come.

Thanks for being one of the little guys, responsible for such a big chunk of what makes our community tick.

Thanks for being here for me. For us. For everyone.

This could be a groundswell, folks. Use the buttons at the foot of this post to forward and share with your friends. The 3/50 Project went viral in record time; whaddaya say we do it again with 3/50 Friday?

Now…let’s get clicking.

P.S. Wondering what all that stuff is at the end of the post title? Just my way of making this whole pay it forward thing easier. Each time you post it, the hashtags will take the message a step further, if you also have a Twitter account. The #350proj hashtag will alert folks following The 3/50 Project that there’s something up…the #fb will simultaneously post it on your Facebook profile (if you’ve activated the feature), and the #in hashtag will take it even further, popping it on your LinkedIn status (again, if you’ve activated the feature). Just an easy way to click once, hit three. Cool, huh?

Kelly Anderson November 25, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Spend it online and Nothing comes home. That is just incorrect, not all internet sales are tax free, and some percentage of those transactions will be in your home state, it may be small but it is not nothing.

That also being said, if people from out of state spend money online to purchase things from a local business (even a local independent business) you are bringing money into the local economy, not just adding energy to the local economy.

Editor’s note: Actually, sales tax charged for online purchases goes to the state–not the local community economy, which is what The 3/50 Project points out. The only time an online purchase returns revenue to a local economy is when the consumer lives in exactly the same town as the e-tailer…in which case, they’re the exception, not the rule, by a long shot.

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