The 3/50 Project Locals Love You More campaign

by Cinda Baxter on February 18, 2011

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Click the image above to access campaign materials

Remember when the “We Love You More” campaign launched prior to Valentines Day and I hinted that something about it would work year ’round? Well…here you go. Welcome to “Locals Love You More.”

As always, there are tools to play with that support the campaign—if you visit The 3/50 Project website, you’ll find two downloadable print-ready files (an 8.5 x 14 poster and a 6 x 9 postcard) suitable for desktop or professional press printing and a 500p x 825p digital version for e-newsletter use.

Facebook users will recognize the tweaked campaign name since it dovetails with the free profile pic icon made available on our FB page a few weeks ago. (See? There really is a method to the madness.)

Off to duck behind the magic velvet curtain for a while…big things ahead….

Matt March 29, 2011 at 7:12 am

I disagree with the 3/50 projects criteria of what constitutes a small local business. This is the criteria: “Why don’t you include home based businesses in The 3/50 Project?
Short answer: Because they aren’t brick and mortar independents.
Long answer: Because commercial property tax is one of the largest lump sum contributions a brick and mortar makes to a community (in addition to whatever property taxes they pay for their home). Businesses operating from a residence do not make the hefty contribution to a community’s commercial property tax fund that brick and mortars do. That’s not to say that all home based businesses are bad—just that they don’t qualify as a 3/50 Project participant (sorry, but this is not open for negotiation”

I am a SEO Engineer. My office is out of my home. Basically what I am able to do is evaluate websites and design the search engine process to generate traffic to a business website. I work from home or travel to the business to modify the website. SEO engineer’s actually help build businesses profit big time. Sometimes I offer my services for free to small businesses who need help as charity. But according to the 3/50 project, “they aren’t brick and mortar independents”.

Good luck on your project.


Editor’s Note: Matt, do you pay commercial property tax in addition to paying personal property tax? As a home based business, every penny of your revenue pays for bills that pay for your home, as opposed to brick and mortar owners who pay two property tax bills, two electric bills, two water bills, two gas bills, etc. They’re responsible for paying twice the utilities and twice the taxes as those who don’t work out of a commercial address. That’s a lot of money flowing back into local coffers your home based business doesn’t match. Just the reality of the situation.

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