keysThis is one time I’m going to let someone else do the ranting about something near and dear to my heart: people ripping off other people’s designs and/or intellectual property. As a free lance designer for more than 30 years, I know all too well how it feels to have my original work show up under someone else’s name. [click here to continue…]


Inspirational ink

by Cinda Baxter on July 27, 2008

in Printing

Granted, I’m not a big believer in third party inks. Have had too much trouble with quality over the years-—a major problem for someone who relies on accurate, fully saturated color for a living. If, however, you have a printer sitting around that’s not being used for color-sensitive (read: customer) print tasks, check out about this article about one of the most off-the-beaten path providers out there. Being ripped off by these guys seems extremely unlikely.

As a word of warning: Since Epson mounts print heads directly on their cartridges, I do not recommend third party options for their Stylus printers-—especially the R1800, R1900, or better. Once removed from the tank to refill the cartridge, the print head cannot be remounted with the necessary airtight seal.

Photo credit: LaserMonks