Google Forms and mobile device disconnect

by Cinda Baxter on August 23, 2012

in Technology

Heads up for those of you using Google Forms: The “submit” step isn’t working consistently for users with mobile devices—as of late, nothing submitted from a mobile device is coming through on either The 3/50 Project or RetailSpeaks website. All looks fine from the user end, but nada shows up in the Google spreadsheet. Not even the hint of a form visit.

I ran a little test to see if embedding forms with our CSS was the problem (for those of you who understand geek speak). Doesn’t seem to have any impact, drats.

We just added a note to the top of all forms asking folks to use a desktop or laptop when completing their information. You might want to do the same if you’re using this method to collect user information (mailing lists, registrations, reservations, contest entries, etc.).

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