Survival isn’t a solo act.

Face it. If you own your own business, you’re type A. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be the success you are.

Or are you? Are you really where you need to be in the marketplace? Will you still be standing when this economic downturn has passed? Is your business “top of mind” or an invisible entity? Are you maximizing your potential, or minimizing your profit? Do your customers refer you as a necessary partner, or a necessary evil?

And do you still cling to the notion you can do it all and keep moving forward?

Meet your solution.
Noted for forward thinking, creative approaches, best practices, and a straight-shooter ability to “cut through the crud,” Cinda Baxter bringing positive change to the business community. Through professional consulting, international speaking, and editorial contributions to leading industry publications, she delivers results-oriented advice combining modern day methods with first hand experience. Where there’s need, there can also be growth...and that’s where Cinda comes in.

Wisdom shared
Working side-by-side with merchants, vendors, reps, sales agencies, and community leaders, Cinda guides clients and audiences toward vibrant success, building on their current strengths while slicing through the fog and clutter that cripples even the most well-established companies. Built on fresh ideas and creative solutions, her “pay it forward” mantra embraces not only the gift and stationery industries, but independent retail everywhere.

First hand experience counts
As someone who’s worn the shoes of a national award-winning retailer, Cinda understands small business from the ground up. As a consultant, coach, speaker, and writer, she offers her expertise in support not just one company, but many. And as a passionate believer that no one succeeds alone, she aids all participants in the supply chain in building growth-geared partnerships with their customer accounts.

Always Upward is more than just a brand. It’s Cinda’s mind-set. Her way of life. Her mission. you want to be around a year from now?
Cruise through the site. Consider the options. Then ask yourself “Do I want to grow a stronger, smarter business?” If the answer is “yes,” contact Cinda today to explore the possibilities.

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