Try as you may, it’s impossible to be in three places at once.

Admit it. There have been times you found yourself exhausted in a hotel room after a day of marching the show floor, eating bad food court sandwiches, sifting through your notes in search of that one booth that had that one thing that would be right for that one customer...all the while wishing you could be at your store attending to Mrs. Martin’s special order, then home for dinner (or at least to reacquaint yourself with the houseplants).

We‘ve all been there.

Buyer Services exists to offer that extra set of eyes at major shows, in the booths, and around the showrooms. Line reports and buying guides are constructed for clients seeking extra exposure to the goods...that extra “oomph” that sets them apart from what the local competition carries.

Options vary, depending on your specific needs. Whether looking for one special item or in need of a tailor made merchandise plan, Always Upward gets you there...

...without the food court sandwiches

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